Shareholder Value


Taking stock of another great year.

Our shares rose 31.2 percent during 2015, which is more than three times the peer median of 9.9 percent.

In addition, we have been the second-highest performing bank stock in the nation since opening our doors in the fourth quarter of 2000—more substantiation that our obsession with our work environment and client satisfaction does indeed lead to outsized shareholder returns.

We remain committed to building shareholder value using our strategic approach to soundness, profitability and growth, taking advantage of the operating leverage we now possess. Our plan for earnings growth going forward is based on a proven ability to organically grow revenues, which in our view is a more valuable earnings stream than one built on expense cutting. We are able to produce outsized growth because our markets are relatively more vibrant than most and because we have created competitive distinction in those markets.

Outlook for Future Growth
Another critical factor in our approach to creating long-term shareholder value is aligning associates’ interests with those of our shareholders. Our associates feel like “owners” of this firm because they are. Three commitments ensure that everyone involved with the firm has a stake:

  1. Inside ownership, including directors, is approximately 7.98 percent.
  2. All associates receive restricted shares of stock when they start and each year thereafter.
  3. Virtually all associates participate in an annual cash incentive plan that is based primarily on meeting the firm’s targets for loan quality, revenue growth and earnings per share growth—the three factors most closely correlated with share price performance.

We anticipate that all of our shareholders will continue to enjoy benefits from this strong alignment and the long-term results it should continue to deliver. We also remain confident in our longstanding formula for success—that our excited associates will continue to engage clients and that those engaged clients will enrich shareholders and produce outsized returns.

M. Terry Turner, President and CEO introduces the 2015 Online Annual Report